Ubi’s Dimensions 1.0.1 Apk + Mod (Full Unlocked)

Checkout the Ubi’s Dimensions 1.0.1 Apk + Mod (Full Unlocked) for Android and download Ubi’s Dimensions 1.0.1 Apk + Mod (Full Unlocked) for free.

Description of the Game:

Ubi’s Dimensions 1.0.1 Apk + Mod (Full Unlocked) for Android


Ubi’s Dimensions Mod

Alone in space and time. Lost in a weird multidimensional world. Looking for something. Everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Help Ubi solve the puzzle.

Play the beginning of Ubi’s Dimensions for free. The full game with 50 handcrafted levels is available as a separate in-app purchase or as an ad-supported experience.

Ubi’s Dimensions is a beautiful three-dimensional puzzle game where you will defy gravity and help Ubi to get through puzzling levels. Explore the rotating world and challenge your three-dimensional thinking. Discover what is hidden and solve the mystery.

Swipe or tap with one finger to move.
Rotate and zoom the camera with two fingers.
Three fingers tap to quickly undo.

Timi Koponen – Game Design, Art and Code
Milos Novak – Sound Design and Music

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• Fixed buy game button getting occasionally stuck
Ubi’s Dimensions Apk

Basic Information:

Latest Version 1.0.1
Platform Android
Game Size 68 MB

How to Download:

  • Click on the above ‘Go to Download Page’ button.
  • After that, you redirect to a new page.
  • On that page download your desired files.
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