Isoland 2: Ashes of Time 1.0.35 Apk + Mod + Data

Checkout the Isoland 2: Ashes of Time 1.0.35 Apk + Mod + Data for Android and download Isoland 2: Ashes of Time 1.0.35 Apk + Mod + Data for free.

Description of the Game:

Isoland 2: Ashes of Time 1.0.35 Apk + Mod + Data for Android



Isoland 2: Ashes of Time

– Nominated for IndiePlay Best Mobile Game 2017
– GMGA Most Anticipated Game of 2018

Isoland 2 – Ashes of Time is a truly artistic adventure puzzle game. Experience a unique fusion of captivating puzzles, a philosophical parable and lighthearted storytelling that will transport you to a beautiful hand-drawn island filled with wonders. Embark on a fascinating journey through time and space, discover traces of a lost civilization, and tinker with mysterious machinery to unveil long forgotten secrets.

On Isoland, you will need to find your own pace and your own approach to solving the mysteries ahead. The citizens of the little island you find yourself on will happily share their thoughts with you, and you may be surprised what they have to say about life and the universe. Listen to their stories and help them solve their problems, and you can be sure they will help you with your tasks, too.

The non-linear game play allows you to decide for yourself what puzzle to solve, what person to talk to and what item to use at any given time. Take a stroll around town and keep your eyes open, and you may just stumble over the hint you had been missing. And if you don’t, why not travel back in time and see if what you are looking for can be found in ancient times?

Isoland 2 – Ashes of Time features an achievement system and a New Game+, making for a rewarding and challenging experience.

Isoland awaits you – Go visit this enchanted island and find the truths it’s hiding.

– beautiful hand-drawn artwork
– non-linear gameplay
– intelligent plot transcending time and space
– mind-soothing soundtrack
– NPCs that share their philosophy with you
– achievement system, hidden achievements and NewGame+
– easter eggs all over the place


The renovations on Isoland has been completed, all fellow islanders are welcome to embark and sightsee.


  1. “APK” install it on your device.
  2. com.lilithgame.isoland2.gpen” folder “android / obb” copy into.
  3. Enter the game.
Isoland 2: Ashes of Time Apk

Isoland 1 

Basic Information:

Latest Version 1.0.35
Platform Android
Game Size 32 MB + 222 MB

How to Download:

  • Click on the above ‘Go to Download Page’ button.
  • After that, you redirect to a new page.
  • On that page download your desired files.
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