Niagara Launcher fresh & clean 0.34.1 [Pro] Apk

Checkout the Niagara Launcher fresh & clean 0.34.1 [Pro] Apk for Android and download Niagara Launcher fresh & clean 0.34.1 [Pro] Apk for free.

Description of the Game:

Niagara Launcher fresh & clean 0.34.1 [Pro] Apk for Android

Niagara Launcher gives your phone a whole new look and offers a minimalistic experience to help you to form a healthy relationship with your phone. You also get to experience the latest and greatest features of Android 10, including smart replies and dark mode.🏆 A standout new Android launcher for ergonomic efficiency · Computerworld

🏆 Featured on XDA Developers

🏆 Nominated as one of the best launchers of 2019 by Lifewire, Tom’s Guide and AndroidPIT

▌ Top reasons to use Niagara Launcher:

🔤 All apps in a simplified list Â· You just need to scroll either of the edges on the launcher to get access to all of your apps instantly.

💬 Interact with notifications right on the home screen Â· Unlike most other launchers, Niagara Launcher gives you essential information about received messages at a glance and directly on your home screen. Swiping on a notification expands it and lets you reply quickly.

✋ Ergonomic efficiency Â· Niagara Launcher is optimized for one hand usage. Your apps are always within reach and the scrollbar can be used from both sides.

âš¡ Lightweight & fast Â· Niagara Launcher is not only lightweight to your phone’s resources, but at just a few megabytes in size, the app takes up very little space. Next to simplicity, fluidity is one of the most important aspects of Niagara Launcher.

🎵 Media Player Â· Music controls automatically show up on your home screen when they’re needed, too – anytime you’re playing audio from an app.

🦄 Theming Â· Niagara Launcher pulls colors from your wallpaper for a nice thematic effect. Additionally, you can choose between a light or dark theme. Icon packs are supported as well – you can even apply an icon of your choice to each app individually.

🕶️ Hide unwanted Apps Â· Hide all pre-installed bloatware, to get a clean and tidy home screen.

🏃 Active development & great community · Niagara Launcher is in active development and has a very supportive community. If you ever have a problem or just want to voice your opinions about the launcher, you can join the community:

🔹 Telegram support & discussion group:🔹 Subreddit:

🔹 Submit a feature request or report a bug:


• Fixed a few bugs related to the media player and notifications

Previous highlight:
🔹Design Update🔹
• A new default font for everyone & Niagara Neo for Niagara Pro users
• We redesigned Niagara Launcher’s settings screen (new look, additional dialogs for pro features like Niagara Neo, weather and the Sesame integration)
• New animations (new button press animation & new app launch animation)

Basic Information:

Latest Version 0.34.1
Platform Android
Game Size 6 MB

How to Download:

  • Click on the above ‘Go to Download Page’ button.
  • After that, you redirect to a new page.
  • On that page download your desired files.
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