MOBOX Gamefi platform Apk

Check out the MOBOX Gamefi platform Apk for Android and download the MOBOX Gamefi platform Apk for free.

Description of the Apk:

MOBOX is a community-driven GameFi platform empowering users by rewarding them for their engagement and enjoyment. By using innovative tokenomics ($MBOX allocation), utilizing finance and games.

Whilst also combining the best of DeFi and NFTs to create a truly unique and everlasting FREE TO PLAY, PLAY TO EARN ECOSYSTEM.

MOBOX’s vision is that no NFT metaverse should be singular but rather each metaverse can be interconnected giving each unique NFT increased utility through NFT interoperability between games and platforms.

Wallet: The MOBOX platform comes with a decentralized and centralized wallet that allows for a seamless experience for every application on the platform. User’s can also choose to register/login with their social media accounts and having their private keys saved to the cloud. This gives user an onboarding process they are already familiar with while keeping everything decentralized and secure, ensuring that their keys is their money.

Crates: With the goal of providing the best returns for liquidity providers, MOBOX Crates are a set of optimized yield farming Smart Contracts that automatically seek the best yield for users.

NFT Ecosystem: To build a truly user driver NFT ecosystem, the MOBOX platform provides a set of tools for the community to use. Whether you are a game developer, artist, or an NFT collector users can make use of the MOBOX platform to not just create but also to earn.

– The NFT Creator is a platform for artists and designers to create their own unique MOMOs to be used across the MOBOX Games. By removing all the technical barriers to understanding Smart Contracts, MOBOX makes the process as simple as possible and gives all the tools required for the user to be rewarded for their creations.

– The MOBOX NFT marketplace is a decentralized exchange where users can buy and sell MOMO NFTs.

Asset Portfolio Manager: To ensure that users get the most relevant information about their assets across platforms, MOBOX provides an easy-to-use portfolio manager for a range of assets including cryptocurrency, NFTs, and Defi investments. User also has the option to connect to their centralized exchange, giving them a top-to-the-bottom breakdown of all their assets across platforms and blockchains. Making it much easier and transparent across the board.

Achievements: MOBOX rewards users just by simply enjoying and interacting with the platform. Whether it is simply signing up for a MOBOX account, collecting MOMOs, or interacting through MOBOX social users can claim MBOX token rewards through the Achievement System.

**The app contains Push Notifications and will collect “Installed Application” information from your phone.


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