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BetNetix – Sports Betting Game, Betsim with Odds APK

Check out the BetNetix – Sports Betting Game, Betsim with Odds APK for Android, and download BetNetix – Sports Betting Game, Betsim with Odds APK for free.


Description of the Apk:

Their sports betting application will allow you to place a bet on your favorite team, or sporting event, without using real money. The BetNetix offers you up-to-date odds, more than 15 sports, and real-time bets without the slightest risk of financial losses! Feel the real excitement while keeping your wallet safe. If you didn’t want to download the app then you can check the official website for sports betting.

Here the user finds only the current events. You can track them in real-time. You can check stats that contain useful information about the matches, the teams’ state, progress in the last five games, number of shots per game, fouls, and squad lineups.
There are more than 15 sports in the app: traditional football, volleyball, hockey, tennis, all types of wrestling, MMA, etc., as well as e-sports (Counter-Strike, Dota, etc.).

The application works on the basis of real odds. Exactly the same ones are used by real bookmaker companies. Thus, BetNetix recreates a real sports betting gameplay with a full experience of possible risks, the joy of victory, and the experience of defeat. All emotions are like with real bets only without real money.

Upon entering, user receives a certain amount of in-game currency to the account in the application’s personal account. With its help, you can make any kind of bets on all kinds of events. Finding what you need is easy – the app features all kinds of sporting events and activities. A user-friendly interface will help you find what you need and make a certain bet. The application works both with upcoming events and in real time.

Their betsim allows you to subscribe to your favorite teams or matches in your personal account, track events, view analytics. Setting up push notifications, as well as an analyzer of past and current matches, will help you not to miss the main thing. Do your own sports betting like a pro.

The excitement and risk in BetNetix are exclusively real. The intensity of passions is provided by real sporting events, proven bookmaker betting odds, competent analytics. And in order for the user to fully experience the spirit of competition, the app has internal ratings and tops of the best players. Climb to their top and become the first sports expert.

BetNetix invites its users to reach a new level of the game, moving from the category of ordinary players to the role of organizers of the process. Invite your friends and acquaintances to the app, create a gaming network under your personal guidance and get virtual income from each player. You get statistics on every match to ensure that you make accurate sport predictions. Their sports betting game is a unique opportunity to learn from personal experience how the bookmaker business works.

All bets in the betsim are made exclusively with the in-game currency. In Their app, you cannot use payment cards, e-wallets and other services for real financial transactions. The player has only the conditional currency of the application at his disposal. It cannot be bought, withdrawn, paid with it for anything outside. All in-game calculations are valid only within the application and are designed to give exclusively emotional joy without financial loss!!!

You cannot make a real bet in the application, as well as receive a cash prize or reward.
The virtual currency received in the application cannot be exchanged for real money or used in any payment systems.

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