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Zombie War Z : Hero Survival Rules 1.8 Apk + Mod

Checkout the Zombie War Z : Hero Survival Rules 1.8 Apk + Mod for Android and download Zombie War Z : Hero Survival Rules 1.8 Apk + Mod for free.

Description of the Game:

Zombie War Z : Hero Survival Rules 1.8 Apk + Mod for Android



Zombie War Z : Hero Survival Rules

Zombie War Z : Survival the Dead, the most exciting zombie shooting game ever, is officially on live now.
Are you capable of living in hell? Meet the real challenge, save the world, defend the camp, Beat as many zombies as possible and become the zombie killer!
When you wake up, you find yourself in the zombie city where all human has been infected by zombies! Your goal is to explore the destructed world and gather all the survivors to survive.
In game, you need to upgrade your skills and use classic weapons to defeat the zombies. Thousands of zombies form encircling circles ready to infect you and make you their kind. You need to be alert like a real sniper and repel the strongest zombies first. Danger is all around you and it never be too careful to survive. No one can live safely and keep your defenses to the war! This is the final battle, and you have to survive!
The zombie wave isn’t scary. The Arsenal is on! Pistols, submachine guns, sniper rifles have been loaded and taken advantage of the weapons to shoot as many zombies as possible. You’re the greatest zombie killer!
Only fast changing and loading can you survive this global zombie apocalypse. Fight with the zombies and see who can win the ultimate battle. Accurate shooting of a powder keg can trigger an explosion that can save you at the most critical time. The overall game atmosphere is too exciting, but don’t forget to enjoy the high definition of war scene and the action impact of zombie attack.
Pick up your weapon and save the zombie apocalypse!

Free FPS game
Stunning 3D zombie shooting war scene
Best sniper rifles in world
Wifi unnecessary
Super intense Boss battle


The modified operation area is half screen, which solves the problem of aiming the star.
Fixed the problem that the VIP gift pack can not be exempt from partial advertising.
New AR series of firearms SCAR
New character ghosts with powerful battlefield skills
The UI layout is adjusted.
New previous version of the gun package, a large number of concessions can not be missed.
Zombie War Z : Hero Survival Rules Apk

Basic Information:

Latest Version 1.8
Platform Android
Game Size 62 MB | 61 MB

How to Download:

  • Click on the above ‘Go to Download Page’ button.
  • After that, you redirect to a new page.
  • On that page download your desired files.
  • Checkout Other Similar Games.

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